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Nov 25, 2013 ... [¶2] This case was previously before this Court in Van Sickle v. Hallmark & Assocs., Inc., 2008 ND 12, 744 N.W.2d 532 ("Van Sickle I"). [¶3] The Van Sickles each own a .0013125 percent royalty interest in oil and gas produced from a well designated as Missouri Breaks Unit No. 1, located in McKenzie ...


Chief Judge DESMOND. I join in the court s negative answer to the only question presented to us on this appeal that is...13ny2d61164.


Jun 1, 2012 ... Decisions must be made entirely on the basis of evidence adduced at the hearing, not, even in part, on private chats. “Receipt of ex parte communication [ that goes to the heart of the case], assignment of some weight to it, and denial of a supplementary hearing to address it,” is error, requiring an evaluation ...


Sep 16, 2014 ... v. No. 14-3152 (D.C. No. 5:13-CR-40070-JAR-1) (D. Kan.) SCOTT C. DEPPISH, Defendant-Appellant. ORDER AND JUDGMENT*. Before KELLY, EBEL, and HARTZ, Circuit Judges. Scott Deppish pleaded guilty to one count of accessing an image of child pornography. Mr. Deppish's plea agreement stated ...


Robert Seidman, New York, NY Gabe Van Lelyveld, Portland, OR Donald DeGeorge, Ellicott City, MD John F Keogh IV, ..... Joan Schwartz, brookline, MA Bo Breda, Richmond, CA Karl VanSickle, pasadena, CA Stephen Fenwick ...... Dian Berger, Boise, ID Ken V Barnhart, Petaluma, CA Bonnie Hearthstone, Vergennes, VT


http://myview-222.newsvine .com/_news /2010/06/03/4459 727 -poll-van-der- sloot-guilty-or -innocent .... http://www.drugs.com/pro/bupivacaine.html. MayoClinic.com- Sed Rate. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/sed-rat e/MY00343 /RSS=1. Caine v. Astrue, 08-C-50103, Naprosyn, http://www.drugs.com/naprosyn .html.


[ 00-4006 ] IBEW v. Hope Electrical. [ 01-1272 ] United States v. ... Jo Anne B. Barnhart. [ 02-2226 ] Heidi Frison v. Daniel J. Zebro. [ 02-2236 ] Mark Lomholt v. State of IA. [ 02-2350 ] United States v. Norman C. Blue Coat. [ 02-2405 ] United States v. Tyrell V. ..... [ 06-1004 ] David M. Van Sickle v. Don Collins. [ 06-1115 ] United ...


82 and spend those tax dollars (or Deutschmarks) wisely, the relative mer- its of birth control versus death control become a great deal fuzzier tha Davenport recognized. ...... Where malaria does not exist, sickle cell loses its heterozygote advan- tage and becomes simply a debilitating genetic disease to homozygotes.


The application process entails sending: a letter of intent indicating purposes and goals; financial report with a breakdown of administrative versus charitable ..... Contact: Citi Foundation (formerly Citigroup Foundation), 850 3rd Ave., 13th Fl., New York, NY 10022-6211, phone: 212/559-9163, Rebecca Van Sickle, grants ...