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Cellco Partnership, doing business as Verizon Wireless, is the largest mobile telecommunications network and wireless phone provider in the United States...
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During your installation appointment, a Verizon Technician will install Verizon Fios Internet Service equipment in your home and establish a connection with the Fiber Terminal in your neighborhood.


FiOS Internet installation is easy and hassle-free with the assistance from Verizon's skilled technicians. Watch this video before your Internet installation to find out what to expect and how to prepare.


Your Verizon Fios TV trained Technician(s) will: Install the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), if necessary. If you already have Verizon FiOS Internet Service then you have an ONT installed. Connect cables to your home's coaxial splitter for Fios TV access. Wire and connect the desired number of outlets in your home.


Verizon FiosS Internet Service installation is a two-step process. To ensure a fast and trouble-free installation, please review the Get Ready checklist prior to your installation day.


In order for the Verizon Technician to be able to install FiOS, you must have Administrator Rights on your Windows computer. If you have installed software on your computer before, you probably already have Administrator Rights. You also need to have any other user names or passwords needed to access your computer ...


Setup and installation of Fios Internet, router, devices and email.


Find a Verizon store near you to learn more about the fastest internet and cable, TV, and phone services deals available.


Click to learn more about installation and Fios equipment: from the Fios DVR, to router, modem, and TV remote that is part of your Fios® package.

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