Apple cider vinegar may be touted as a remedy for just about anything, but can it really treat warts? Anecdotal evidence suggests this is true, but as with many ...


Feb 27, 2018 ... Is apple cider vinegar effective in treating warts? This article discusses how to use it, its effectiveness, and other possible treatments for warts.


Apr 30, 2018 ... How do you get rid of periungual warts? .... Apple cider vinegar is a popular natural remedy for warts, but the evidence that supports it is purely ...


Dec 5, 2018 ... Learn what causes plantar warts and how to treat and prevent them. ... Apple cider vinegar can also potentially get rid of a plantar wart.


Oct 22, 2018 ... Yes, you can remove plantar warts all on your own and live to tell. ... people are using — and swearing by — at-home remedies as diverse as duct tape, apple cider vinegar and urine. ... Why plantar warts are hard to get rid of.


Aug 15, 2018 ... Warts can be treated with natural remedies whether they are on your ... warts to form, the acidic nature of the vinegar attacks flesh to get rid of ...


This topic has information about warts on any part of the body except the genitals. For information about warts on the genitals, see the topic Genital Warts.


May 19, 2018 ... Most common warts go away without treatment, though it may take a year or two and new ones may develop nearby. Some people choose to ...


Oct 15, 2002 ... It's the MacGyver cure -- strapping a piece of duct tape to get rid of warts. In fact, a new study finds it's just as effective as those liquid nitrogen ...