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Virtual Woman is a software program that has elements of a chatbot, virtual reality , artificial intelligence, a video game, and a virtual human. It claims to be the oldest form of virtual life in existence, as it has been distributed since the late 1980s. Recent releases of the program can update their intelligence by connecting ...


Download Virtual Woman, a Windows Virtual Girlfriend game with artificial intelligence that can talk to and compete against you. You choose ethnic type, personality, location, clothing etc. Throw away solitaire forever!

Aug 24, 2006 ... This is Mia, a virtual personality. She uses Flash and a virtual voice to say whatever i type. You won't believe how realistic her voice is! http://www.miame...
Jan 27, 2017 ... THIS MOVIE PRESENT VIRTUAL WOMAN LIKE A FASHION MODEL. In this video there is no additional effects. Everything was done by hand. MADE IN MONTENEGRO BY BIG--...


Define Virtual Woman. Virtual Woman synonyms, Virtual Woman pronunciation, Virtual Woman translation, English dictionary definition of Virtual Woman. n a computer-generated moving image of a human being, used esp in films as an extra in large crowd scenes.


May 5, 2017 ... The app allows users to see augmented reality statues of notable women alongside existing statues of men.


Aug 14, 2017 ... Forget gaming and porn made by and for male audiences: female producers are using VR to counter the tech industry's problem with women.


Oct 22, 2013 ... Living without Internet nowadays is like living without electricity. It may be doable and even romantic, but why? It's a modern reality that the virtual and the real have become the same. As for us women, the planet's invisible gender, the internet emphasized the reality of our existence, since it is everywhere ...


Feb 8, 2017 ... This is a first! Eight inspirational 30-second clips on leadership by women, recorded in virtual reality. Technology artist Drue Kataoka created a parallel universe in VR where women from across the country came together to say Yes! Now Is The Time to celebrate female firsts and build a foundation for an ...