Oct 16, 2018 ... A Vulcan cannon is comparable to a minigun (think Arnie in Terminator) – just bigger, badder and mounted on a flying machine of war.


Jan 5, 2007 ... The 20mm M61 Vulcan is a hydraulically driven, six-barreled, air-cooled, electrically fired Gatling gun with an extremely high rate of fire.


I've seen a ton of homemade firearms in my day, but this Homemade 20mm Vulcan Cannon might just be the most insane. You can keep your little.


Dude, just go Vulcan when the cop catches up and pulls us over. by Karl November 21, ... I used the vulcan gun to mow down all of the innocent little chipminks.


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Apr 9, 2019 ... At least one round fired from the aircraft's M61A1 Vulcan Gatling gun struck the aircraft as it fired at targets on the Dutch military's Vliehors range ...


Apr 27, 2014 ... In its original form, this turreted cannon system gets its fire control .... The Phalanx packs the famous M61 "Vulcan" 20mm cannon, a gun found ...


The Gatling Good trope as used in popular culture. Ever since Richard Gatling's 1861 invention, the rapid-firing rotary gun has had a special place among …


automatic gun system, installed in the F/A-18 aircraft, along with the GAU-21, ... Identify the ammunition handling and gun drive systems of the M61A1 and.