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Oct 21, 2009 ... Ninth Circuit rules on posthumously conceived children's rights to Social Security benefits. Two decisions provide lessons for us all.


Jun 19, 2009 ... Brandalynn's father, Bruce Vernoff, died accidentally in July 1995. Thirty hours after his death, his wife, Gabriela Vernoff, had a doctor extract his sperm and freeze it. She was impregnated with it in 1998 and gave birth to Brandalynn in 1999, said Wally Vernoff, Bruce Vernoff's father and an attorney ...


May 17, 2004 ... But to the federal government, the daughter is not eligible for Social Security benefits because Bruce is not recognized as the father under California law. "The father had benefits because he contributed money to the system," said Pasadena lawyer Wally Vernoff, Bruce's father and the attorney on the case.


Sean Palmer ... Intern. Patricia Bethune ... Older Nurse. Yvonne Farrow ... Heart Patient's Wife. John O'Brien ... CT Tech. Yolanda Snowball ... Physical Therapist. Wally Rudolph ... Echo Tech (as Walter Wong). Moe Irvin . ... producer (as Gabrielle Stanton). Krista Vernoff ... supervising producer. Harry Werksman ... producer ...


ANOTHER WORLD FAN POLL. The AWFP was conducted over the Internet from September 1995 to January 1997. Total Respondents: 199. Although the ongoing survey was meant to encompass all the show's actors throughout the years, it was observed that there was a temporal bias, as most answers were chosen from ...


May 25, 2015 ... Yesterday, a open letter written on behalf of the estate of Wally Wood was released, calling for an acknowledgement for the contribution of Wally Wood to the Daredevil comic book, as seen in the Netflix TV show. Updated on the original Bleeding Cool article, Tony Isabella has pointed out that his quote was ...


The Law Offices of Coulter Vernoff & Pearson have offered quality legal representation to the Pasadena, CA community for over 45 years.


Mar 8, 2018 ... Grey's Anatomy boss Krista Vernoff is fired up! ... In a statement released on Twitter, Vernoff called the implication hurtful and sexist. .... Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) and Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) didn't exactly end things on a positive note, but they'll have a chance to hash things out when Jesse drops ...


Flip through the channels to see some of your favorite TV stars lip-sync to "the greatest rock 'n' roll song of all time"