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Wi-Fi Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Wi-Fi in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Wi-Fi technology concepts ...

Sep 22, 2010 ... For folks that want to know the parts involved in setting up a wireless network, the terminology, the wifi frequencies and basic wifi equipment, ...


Oct 17, 2016 ... A detailed Wi-Fi tutorial on how to connect to a hotspot or other wireless network, via a laptop.


Learn how WiFi networks work, build your own wireless network and find the best prices on wireless routers.


Feb 9, 2009 ... city / throu. CDMA. Wi-Fi. UMTS/HSxPA. 2G eless capac. AMPS. GSM. CDMA. Wire. First cell phones www.octoscope.com. 1970. 1980. 1990.


Wifi is wireless networking over distances of 50m to 150m. It is flexible and fun. Read this tutorial for great starter information.


Feb 18, 2013 ... Wireless LAN (WiFi) offers the promise of unhindered access to network resources even outside the reach of a wired setup. In this tutorial, take ...


Wi-Fi Planet, the complete guide to the world of networking products based on the ... With daily news, features, reviews, and tutorials, Wi-Fi Planet covers all ...


an overview or tutorial about the IEEE 802.11 standards for Wi-Fi and WLAN applications and the associated WLAN equipment and the use of wifi hotspots.