Concatenation theory, also called string theory, character-string theory, or theoretical syntax, ... Coincidentally, the first English presentation of Tarski's 1933 axiomatic foundations of string theory appeared ... Princeton, 1956; ^ John Corcoran, William Frank and Michael Maloney, "String theory", Journal of Symbolic Logic, vol.


In philosophy and logic, a deflationary theory of truth is one of a family of theories that all have .... Tarski's material adequacy condition, or Convention T, is: a definition of truth for an .... the pronoun "he" takes its reference from the noun "Bill.


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theorem together with the theorem of Mauldin-Williams leads to the ... Tarski theorem [14, 151 and Mauldin-Williams theorem on transfinite and random sets.


of truth has been Tarski, and much subsequent discussion has been focused around .... See, e. g., chapter 3 of Horwich 1990, Field 1994, and Williams 1999. 5.


Alfred Tarski, original name Alfred Tajtelbaum, Tajtelbaum also spelled Teitelbaum, (born January 14, 1901, Warsaw, Poland, Russian Empire—died October 26 ...


Dec 8, 2010 ... The Banach–Tarski paradox is a theorem in set theoretic geometry which states that a solid ball in 3-dimensional space can be split into a finite ...


Jan 25, 2016 ... She is survived by her father, Joseph Tarsky; two brothers, Robert (Eileen) Tarsky of Boston, William (Ilene) Tarsky of North Carolina; nephew ...


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