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En Canot is a Cubist oil painting created by Jean Metzinger in 1913. The work is referred to in various publications as Femme à l'ombrelle, Im Boot, Le Canot, En Bâteau, In the Canoe, The Boat, On the Beach, Am Strand, Im Schiff, V Člunu and Im ... The painting was acquired from Herwarth Walden in 1916 by Georg Muche  ...


Brewer v. State, 646 N.E.2d 1382, 1386 (Ind.1995). Instead, we consider only the evidence which supports the conviction and all of the reasonable inferences ...


For the reasons below, Saint Gobain's Motion is granted as to all counts in the Complaint. .... Ann. § 951 et seq.; and common law causes of action for promissory estoppel and ..... See Walsh, 230 F. Supp.2d 623; News Printing Co., Inc. v.


Waldon then obtained a temporary restraining order from the Superior Court requiring that the ... to reinstate his contract for two years, and to expunge all charges from the college records. .... See McCormick on Damages § 94 at 337 et seq.


Waldron v. ... HOWARD M. RACCIO ET AL. ... The pedestrian, David F. Waldron, was killed instantly, and this wrongful death action was brought ..... skilled in carpentry, painting, and other crafts related to home maintenance and construction.


Aug 19, 1985 ... In Walden, a custody stipulation was modified based on totality of the circumstances. Father's attempts to alienate mother was not in child's best ...


District of South Dakota, Central Division, as jane E. Waldron, Com- plainant, V. ... V. United States et al. were printed in two paper<overed volumes containing 1,037 ... 1892 (Washington, D.C.: Covernment Printing Office, 1892), pp. 31-33.


The central point here is that Skinner's utopian vision was not any of Walden Two's practices, ... like a first child's first year in school to turn one's thoughts to education” (Skinner, 1976, p. v). ... became the most eminent psychologist of the 20th century (Haagbloom et al., 2002). ...... Philadelphia: New Printing Office; 1735.


James A. Waldron .... printing, welding, raising birds, stone cutting, and others related to increased dust or fume exposure such as gardening, carpentry, woodworking, or painting. Years of exposure were collected for all activities, agents, and hobbies ... A greater proportion of controls were currently employed ( 47 percent vs.