D'Croz, 1990; Jones, 1997a,b; Warner et al., 2002), changes in salinity. (Hoegh- Guldberg ... tissue (thereby sacrificing or severely injuring the coral) followed by relatively time ... were photographed in a super-macro mode through an opaque black .... 6.5, MathWorks Inc, MA, USA), which was based on the image analysis.


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part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, or by any ..... metal stress in the range of plants (Hose et al., 2001; Enstone et al., 2003; ... containing optimal concentrations of macroelements and microelements (in mg L -1: ..... The research object was rye grain (variety ´Kaupo´) from Ltd. ´Naukšēni´,.


Contact Information: Chart House International Learning Corp, 1989. ... the Assets for the Poor concepts formulated by Michael Sherraden) or new methods of .... photography: Michael Chin, et al., narrator: Julian Bond, theme music: ..... Contact Information: Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video, Dog Eat Dog Films 1990 1989.