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L. (B. R.), MOTHER, ET AL. VS. CABINET FOR HEALTH AND FAMILY SERVICES, COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY, ET AL. Date: December 2, 2016 . Docket Numbers: 2015-CA-001548-ME, 2015-CA-001549-ME, 2015-CA- 001550-ME, 2015-CA-001551-ME. THE ESTATE OF MARY MAE PRICE VS. SHELTER MUTUAL ...


Lonnie MILLER v. Warren RATNER et al. ... In the posture of this case, we must presume the accuracy of all factual allegations made by appellant, the party against whom the motion was granted. Accordingly, we shall recount some of the ...... Higinbothom, 187 Md. 115 [48 A.2d 754] (1946); Ordway v. Central National Bank ...


Dec 28, 2017 ... M ark et. ash aS. Street. t re et. We st 5th Stre et Sa. 4th. ter St r eet. Stre et. st. 4t. hS. t re. et. Street We st 4th. West 4th Street M ark et. Bo ul ev. ard ash. el lo gg Wes t K. b Wa. Street. Was hin gton. Ea. Pe. st We. aS t re et So. West Kellogg Boulevard. eet. int. Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. St r. uth ...


Sep 13, 2007 ... —Chief Justice Earl Warren, Reynolds v. Sims. ... Issacharoff, Tarek M. Khanachet, Michael B. Kruse, Leslie O'Brien, Eric. A. Ordway,. Richard H. Pildes, Lawrence A. Robinson, Daniel F. Wachtell, and the editors and staff of ..... 24 See Henry E. Brady et al., Law and Data: The Butterfly Ballot Episode, in THE.


els (Hughson et al., 1977; Ordway et al., 1982) and humans (Robinson et al., ... 1994; Warren et al., 1997; Goldberger, 1999; Houle &. Billman, 1999 ... Detailed recent reviews are available elsewhere (Aubert et al., 2003;. Carter et al., 2003a). Differences in HRV measures between active and inactive subjects. Surgical and  ...


Oct 16, 2013 ... The NA is also closely linked to the rapid expression and regulation of emotional state (Porges, 1995; Tonhajzerova et al., 2013). ..... 1991; White et al., 1991), making them receptive to the initiation of movement, while exercise, itself, spontaneously activates the LC (Warren et al., 1984; Haxhiu et al., 2003).


Jan 8, 2008 ... NSF could provide an attractive mechanism for sorting of v- and .... UV light (750 mJ/mm2) was applied three times at the point indicated by the arrow. 348 www. pnas.orgcgidoi10.1073pnas.0707197105. Kuner et al. ..... Kawasaki F, Mattiuz AM, Ordway RW (1998) J Neurosci 18:10241–10249. 33. Littleton ...


All Rights Reserved. MINIREVIEW. A Balancing Act: Efffux/Inffux in Mycobacterial Drug Resistance. G. E. Louw, R. M. Warren, N. C. Gey van Pittius, C. R. E. McEvoy,. P. D. Van ... Ramaswamy et al., who showed that INH-resistant isolates with MICs ...... tional analysis of a novel tetracycline resistance determinant, tet(V) , from.


(v)- and target (t)-SNAREs, which must be complexed in trans ... al., 1997). A NSF protomer contains three distinct domains (May et al.,. 2001; Whiteheart et al., 2001): an N-terminal domain (N) responsible for interaction with the α-SNAP- SNARE complex ...... possesses two NSF genes (Ordway et al., 1994; Pallanck et.