Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Tiwari et al v. Mattis, case number 2:17-cv-00242, from Washington Western Court.


Oct 29, 2018 ... The habeas case, filed in federal district court in Washington, D.C., asked the court to find the citizen's military detention unlawful and to rule ...


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Title: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, et al., Petitioners v. Jane Doe 2, et al. Docketed: November 23, 2018. Linked with 18A626. Lower Ct: United States Court of ... Washington, DC 20530-0001 SupremeCtBriefs@ USDOJ.gov ...


Dec 19, 2017 ... KIRTI TIWARI, et al., Plaintiffs, v. ... Having reviewed all papers filed in support of, and in opposition to, the Motion, the Court enters the following order. ... Defendant James Mattis, Secretary, U.S. Department of Defense ("Defendant"), ..... The Western District of Washington is a correct venue for this action.


May 9, 2018 ... The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has released its opinion affirming the lower court's injunction on the U.S. military's planned ...


Oct 29, 2018 ... Doe v. Mattis Ends With a Transfer and a Cancelled Passport: Lessons ... All of this leads me to conclude that, if a similar case were to arise but ...


Aug 21, 2017 ... James MATTIS, in his official capacity as the Secretary of Defense; United States ... S. Merritt and William J. Cook, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington, D.C.; for ... 307101(e), and the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), 5 U.S.C. § 701 et seq. ..... See Salmon Spawning & Recovery All. v.


Jun 6, 2018 ... ... Security By the Book · #RealNews on Trump et L'Affaire Russe: A Resource ... Mattis saga has taken a significant turn, as the U.S. government continues to ... as “a death warrant,” according to the Washington Post's Spencer Hsu. ... to the legality of that detention is one that we should all find discomfiting.