Watkins v. United States, 354 U.S. 178 (1957), is a decision of the Supreme Court of the United States that held that the power of the United States Congress is ...


U.S. Supreme Court. Watkins v. Sowders, 449 U.S. 341 (1980). Watkins v. Sowders. No. 79-5949. Argued November 10, 1980. Decided January 13, 1981 *.


Watkins v. United States (No. 261). Argued: March 7, 1957. Decided: June 17, 1957 ...... the recent investigation of the movie industry is fresh in the public mind.

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In 1954, John Watkins, a labor organizer, was called upon to testify in hearings conducted by the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Watkins agreed ...

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Dec 29, 2014 ... Summary of this case from Commonwealth v. Maddrey ..... In addition, Appellant asserts that his traumatic brain injury and resulting “frontal lobe ...


Nov 20, 2018 ... Kevin Jay Watkins,. Appellant-Defendant, v. State of Indiana, .... bone chip from one of the boy's skulls, brain matter, and what was later.