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17 ways to annoy people in school. Opinion by Feathershine posted over a year ago. 1. Flick pencil erasers at the teacher then deny it 2. Say "I'm annoying u!


Hey Guys I'm going to be telling you 1000 ways to annoy... ... Pretend your in the movie high school musical and sing everything you say 282. 7.In english ...


Read 50 Ways to Annoy Your Teacher from the story 50 Random Ways... by Explosivewafflez (McKayla) with ... Here it is for all of you starting school soon! :D 6.


How to Annoy People Around You. Do you want to annoy the people around you for revenge, or just for fun? Are you already an annoying person who wants to ...

Jan 24, 2011 ... music from free youtube mp3 downloader ENJOY!!!!


100 Ways to Annoy People. Get to know a friends bookie and place bets for them. Insist on keeping half of any money they win. Accuse people of "glue sniffing ...


Apr 30, 2007 ... 30 Ways To Annoy Your Friends! By: Princess Of ... Look at your friend, then whisper to someone else while looking up at your friend again. 2.


Jan 7, 2014 ... But then you've got the days when school is killing you because of the people. Everything the people in your classes do annoy you to death.


Selena said: Just name someyhing to annoy teachers!1. ... awesome, I wish he was sits like that, we are such a small school we sit in tables of 4 or 3 people.