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Feb 15, 2015 ... Here are some simple and easy ways to break your leg without too much pain.
Apr 16, 2015 ... How to break your leg! AsdfAlbi ... He didn't even Break his leg is it idiot .... I wanted to break my leg so bad And it hurts like ur moms belt.


Sounds funny to hurt yourself? Yet, ways of breaking legs are searched by many people. Here we list possible methods, either on purpose or accidentally.


Indeed if your life depended on it, the fibula would be the best as a sacrificial lamb. Agree with Quora User there, as long as your tormentor lets you get away ...


Mar 9, 2009 ... Spanish authorities arrested a man wearing a cast of compressed cocaine at the Barcelona airport last Wednesday. The would-be trafficker had ...


What is the easiest way to break your own leg, with the least possible pain, so that you will be unable to use that leg for at least 3-4 weeks? Please take this ...


How to break your ankle/leg:. If you have a trampoline, then put one high heel on the unlucky leg, and get your jumping momentum going.


Jul 20, 2017 ... Maybe he falls onto his outstretched hand, or she lands on her leg. Either way, you have a bad feeling a bone might be broken. Your friend is in ...


Sep 22, 2016 ... 23 Ridiculous Ways You Can Actually Break A Bone .... to my sides, legs together ...it was a Monday night and we were bored, broke students) .... thing where you jump around while holding the top of your pants to get them on.