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If you've tried keeping a diary every day and you just can't keep it up, try creating a schedule so you're writing in your diary at the same time every day. Create a theme for your diary, like a gratitude diary or a dream diary, and don't be afraid to doodle or write creative pieces in your diary if the mood strikes. For tips on how to  ...


How to Write a Diary. Writing a diary is a great way to reflect back on your day or vent out your frustrations. If you are thinking of starting a diary, but aren't sure of what to write, read this wikiHow to get some ideas! === Making...


Learn how to start a diary and how to write a diary entry. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, Penzu can help you get started.

Jan 17, 2015 ... Tips and tricks on writing a diary and hiding it safely! This will be useful for those of you who want to start writing a diary for 2015! Sorry I haven't upl...


7 Tips on How to Write a Diary entry. Read about the basics on journaling and how to make your Diary more valuable in this short Journaling Tutorial.


Writing a diary can give you a big picture perspective on the events in your life. Here are some tips for how to write a diary so you can get started today.


Journaling is one of the most personal, intimate habits you can cultivate. I've kept mine for over 4 years now. Here's an excerpt: It's like sitting down and having a talk with yourself, every day. Naturally, it should follow whatever unique, personal structure makes the most sense for you. This is where most people get hung up ...


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FIrstly, i should say it is so nice to hear that you have been writing diary since the last 2 years. Keep doing it and i am sure it will be a very valuable p...