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The Milwaukee Brace was developed by Dr Walter Blount of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the mid 1940's as a removable postoperative immobilization device for the ...


Milwaukee Brace for scoliosis, design and function.The description and function of components of the Milwaukee brace for scoliosis. Milwaukee brace treatment ...


Chapter 2: Learning To Live With A Milwaukee Brace : A true, personal story from the experience, I Wear a Milwaukee Brace. I told my doctors that I was tired of ...


Information about wearing and caring for the Milwaukee brace, from experts at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.


I was just fitted for a milwaukee brace in december 2009.I am 54 and wear it for pain management and to help keep my spine from curving any further then it ...


The psychological, social, and lifestyle effects of wearing the Milwaukee brace for scoliosis was examined in 16 mother-daughter pairs using a patient interview ...

Jan 5, 2014 ... Our daughter showing how to wear her Milwaukee brace.
Jan 2, 2013 ... How do I make up my face wearing a milwaukee brace.


3) Your brace be cleaned daily. 4) You to start your brace wearing gradually modified from Boston Scoliosis Brace course instruction manual, presented.