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Mar 28, 2014 ... If you ask a celebrity for an autograph and they decline, they may not be jerks but suffer from this phobia, which is the fear of writing in public.


Sep 6, 2013 ... From the fear of clowns to the fear of yellow thousands of phobia sufferers are tormented by the most unusual things.


Jul 17, 1995 ... SITES TO LOOK FOR HELP WITH A PHOBIA- · How Phobias are Named- ... NEWS. Added three phobias to the letter "Q". Fredd -Fredd.


Jan 7, 2010 ... As a nurse, you come into contact with all kinds of bizarre and weird ... Our list of 100 weird phobias may help you when you least expect it.


Mar 18, 2015 ... This article is about weirdest phobias which people have.


Pogonophobia. Library of Congress. That toddler sitting on Santa's lap isn't freaking out over the stranger hugging her; she may have Pogonophobia, the fear of ...


Cut some slack to that odd-smelling person in line ahead of you—she might have the fear of bathing and cleaning, which is more common in women and ...


If you thought you knew some weird phobias, then think again, as these are the 10 strangest phobias around.


It contains a large list of phobias and teaches how to cope with and ultimately cure ... Trypophobia – The fear of holes is an unusual but pretty common phobia.