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European cuisine, or alternatively Western cuisine, is a generalised term collectively referring to the cuisines of Europe and other Western countries, including (depending on the definition) that of Russia, as well as non-indigenous cuisines of Australasia, the Americas, ... Compared with traditional cooking of Asian countries, for example, meat is ...


This is a list of European cuisines. A cuisine is a characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions, often associated with a specific culture. European cuisine (also called "Western cuisine") refers collectively to the ... Compared with traditional cooking of Asian countries, for example, meat is more prominent and ...


The regional cuisines of medieval Europe were the results of differences in climate, seasonal .... While traditional British cooking today is not regarded with high esteem internationally, ... The common Western European "white dish" ( blanc manger) had a northern French variant where one side was colored bright red or blue.


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Learn about European Food, Customs and the best places to visit! ... Not only is meat more widely used, but portion sizes also tend to be larger. ... Western European cuisine is arguably the most well known, world wide; from Germany's ... Italy's Emilia-Romagna region includes the food capital of Bologna, but Modena and ...


The cuisine of the region is not noted for being spicy. Northern Europe has worked diligently to integrate itself with the global community and yet maintain its  ...


The World Health Organization does not warrant that the information con- tained in this .... Food and nutrition policies in the European Region. . . . . . . . . . . . 230 ..... Yet all was not well. By the 1980s, policies in western Europe had been too.


Jan 11, 2015 ... But you can't, so Monaco is not very high on this list. ... In the food and drinks section of BeinKosovo.com, under traditional food, there is nothing ...


Top Ten Countries In Europe With the Best Food interactive top ten list at ... this Italian food, this country is definitively not like the other countries in western Europe. ... territory in western Europe and several overseas regions and territories.