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Efficient wet rot treatment from our property care experts prevents the regeneration of wet rot professionally. For all rot issues, Timberwise can help.


Our wet rot information guide breaking down how it has occurred to solutions to fix your wet rot issue – from Award Winning specialists – Wise Property Care.

Apr 2, 2012 ... Window repair from wet rot.


Mar 10, 2017 ... At Permagard we stock a range of professional and highly effective products that range from £12.50 for 5 litres to £28.50 for 1 litre of concentrate dual treatment. If the damage is widespread and beyond repair then you will need to replace the timbers. This can be costly. With wet rot you also have to factor in ...

May 12, 2014 ... wet rot wood window repair with 2 part dry filler,via YouTube Capturea,wood windw repair with 2 part dry filler.


If the area is not wet constantly you can do a poor man's version of the repair described above by substituting penetrating liquid Minwax Wood Hardener for the more expensive penetrating liquid epoxy and Bondo for epoxy putty. (But, don't buy the Minwax Wood Filler. It's just Bondo at an very high price.) This method may ...


Wet rot can spread fast. Use our Wet Rot Wood Hardener to stop it. It'll make your wood hard again, ready for you to repair with our High Performance Wood Filler. It can be used on doors, windows and frames. Product details. Use inside or outside; Dries in 2 hours; Sets rock hard; Repairs rotten wood. 1 colours available.


wet rot. Every house uses timber in its construction or decoration, and while it can last a long time, it is a died material and nature has various methods of making it decay unless it is looked after. Providing it is well maintained, timber will last many life times. Below two areas of timber rot found in the UK are addressed - dry  ...


Order online at Screwfix.com. Binds and hardens decaying wood and provides a solid base for filling. Penetrates deep into the wood and cures wood rot on any timber surface. Reinforces wood and sets rock hard. Quick-drying. For interior and exterior use. FREE next day delivery available, free collection in 5 minutes.