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how do u disable this.. when writing a text message and add emoticons like which is included in the keyboard option it convert my text message to MMS.. ... SAMSUNG S3 & S4 and HTC ..... have installed all the texting wizards on all of them and the best they do is get totally confused, and nothing is sent.


Oct 18, 2016 ... iPhone texting is suddenly a lot more fun — and a lot more complicated. Here's how to use all the new features.


To find out how to send a text message, go to device support and select your phone. The cost of sending a text message depends on which price plan you're on. For details, check our price guide. All our current Pay Monthly phone price plans and SIM price plans come with all-you-can-eat texts. If you're on an older plan and ...


Feb 5, 2018 ... How to send an SMS, text message or iMessage on the iPhone, how to send group messages, and all the fun features in the Messages app - we've got the lot. For related troubleshooting advice, take a look at How to send a text when iMessage isn't working and also try Why is my iPhone not sending ...


Here are some of the more common emoticons - more emoticons & text lingo can be fount at http://textmeanings.com/emoticons A - Emoticon Meaning 0:)...


2 Touch Messaging (you may need to swipe left or right to locate it first). 3 Touch within the text field. 4 Touch the Menu key. How do I insert emoticons (smileys) in text messages on my Samsung Galaxy Fame. 5 Select Insert smiley. 6 From the Emoticons window menu select an emoticon.


Emoticons are a fun and simple way to communicate emotion or add tone to your text. There are two major "styles" of emoticons: ... emoticons use non-Latin characters. This gives the writer a much larger range of designs that can be created, but some computers may not be able to properly display all of the characters.


Hi, I noticed that whenever someone sends me an emoji, it comes back as " " on my android app and as " \ufffd" when using Google.


Aug 21, 2015 ... Some we never really figured out — looking at you, weird dollar sign mouth (“:$”) — so we stick to smiles and frowns. They're pretty old news, TBH. But what if we told you there's a new emoticon? That you haven't seen? Even though you've seen all of them? Behold! What? Where? Why? Glad you asked.