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Aug 9, 2017 ... What causes memory loss? Learn more from WebMD about various reasons for forgetfulness and how it may be treated.


Feb 26, 2015 ... But Alzheimer's is not the only health issue that can lead to forgetfulness, which is often treatable if you know the cause, according to the National Institute on Aging. Memory loss can happen at any age and for a number of reasons. “Patients might experience memory loss and describe their symptoms ...


Nov 28, 2016 ... Memory slips are aggravating, frustrating, and sometimes worrisome. When they happen more than they should, they can trigger fears of looming dementia or Alzheimer's disease. But as I write in this month's Harvard Men's Health Watch, there are many mundane—and treatable—causes of forgetfulness.


Jun 27, 2017 ... Stress, anxiety or depression can cause forgetfulness, confusion, difficulty concentrating and other problems that disrupt daily activities. Alcoholism. Chronic alcoholism can seriously impair mental abilities. Alcohol can also cause memory loss by interacting with medications. Vitamin B-12 deficiency. Vitamin ...


What you'll learn about bad memory in this article: Signs that your bad memory should not alarm you; Signs that your memory loss may be serious; The most common causes of memory problems; Steps you can take on your own to improve your memory; How to have a productive discussion with your doctor about your ...


Jun 27, 2017 ... Memory loss: When to seek help. A number of conditions — not only Alzheimer's disease — can cause memory loss in older adults. Getting a prompt diagnosis and appropriate care is important. By Mayo Clinic Staff. Everyone forgets things at times. How often have you misplaced your car keys or forgotten ...


Other causes for memory problems can include aging, medical conditions, emotional problems, mild cognitive impairment, or another type of dementia. ... Making a bad decision once in a while, Making poor judgments and decisions a lot of the time ... Certain medical conditions can cause serious memory problems.


More than 50 conditions can cause or mimic the symptoms of dementia, and a small percentage of dementias are reversible. Two common examples are dementia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency or an underactive thyroid ( hypothyroidism). Getting the right diagnosis is important so that you know what options you have, ...


Jun 27, 2013 ... Human memory is quirky, complicated, and unreliable. Even when we think we're remembering everything accurately, chances are things have gotten twisted along the way. Let's take a look at why your memory sucks, and how you can change that.