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Mar 19, 2018 ... If this happens continuously it will create heavy snowfall. For snow to form temperatures must be low and there must be moisture in the atmosphere which causes the tiny crystal to be created. Snow storms are usually created by rising moist air in a low pressure area. Mercury Press. Snow storms are usually ...


Feb 28, 2018 ... The Met Office has issued a rare red alert for heavy snow fall in central Scotland, warning of a risk to life with vehicles likely to be stranded and communities expected to be cut off.


The speed of the wind that can cause a blizzard is at least 35 mph (56 km/h). The result of it is wind blowing and drifting snow which causes decreasing of visibility to 0.25m (400 m). It doesn't take a lot of time to escalate from snowstorm, or even normal snowing to a blizzard. Blizzards usually bring seriously danger low ...


Nov 15, 2010 ... Snow nose is a condition where a dog's black nose changes pigment in the winter. Learn what causes snow nose and if it can be prevented.


Feb 26, 1998 ... They have been observed to cause continuous snowfall for as long as 48 hours over a sharply defined region. One single intense local storm cell can yield as much as 120 cm (48 in) of light-density snow in 24 hours or less. As a result, winter weather in the lee of the Great Lakes shows a complex variability ...


Dec 12, 2017 ... Sweden's national weather agency has warned that heavy snowfall is coming to the southern parts of the country, and police want drivers to be cautious after a night of accidents on the ice and tricky surfaces.


This stunning phenomenon appears to be an on-rushing ghost snow tsunami, as a rare light and wind alignment causes a mesmerizing mirage to form on the horizon in Wyoming.


Years with heavy seasonal snow and extreme snowstorms continue to occur with great frequency as the climate has changed. The frequency of extreme snowstorms in the eastern two-thirds of the contiguous United States has increased over the past century. Approximately twice as many extreme U.S. snowstorms occurred ...


Dec 8, 2017 ... Businesses closed and commuters left work early as snow mixed with rain fell in downtown Atlanta, jamming traffic on slushy roads far ahead of the usual rush hour. "We're surprised that this little snowfall would cause this much disruption to the entire city," said Lucas Rachow, who stood outside with ...