Get information about what causes mouth sores, canker sores and gum sores. Learn more about the various mouth sore treatment methods that are available ...


What does it mean to be \"anemic\"? ... What are the symptoms of anemia? The most easily ... Pale gums and lethargy indicate the need to perform blood tests.


So what does your cat's gum colour say about their health? Pink gums - Normal. White gums - Could indicate your cat is experiencing blood loss or is in shock.


Bleeding gums can be stopped before it is too late. Learn the causes and how to treat.


Anemia, for example, is one condition that may cause your gums to appear lighter. ... This will look like a yellow or white cyst along the gums or gum line.


Some dental conditions, such as bad breath, pale gums and red gums, can be signs of gum disease. But other oral symptoms may point to seemingly unrelated  ...


Apr 26, 2017 ... The colour of your cat's gums can paint an overall picture of his health. Normally they are a light pink colour and firm to the touch. Some cats will ...


Healthy gums should be pink, firm and keep your teeth securely in place. Your gums shouldn't bleed when you touch or brush them. Gum disease isn't always ...


Learn more about what causes them and how you can minimize the pain and ... the cheeks, lips, on or under the tongue, the roof of the mouth and on the gums. Canker sores are usually white or yellow and sometimes have a small red border  ...