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This means that both of these sides can be called a base, and that the... ... Question. How do I find the height of the trapezoid when only the bases are given ?


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Feb 7, 2013 ... First of all, the main strength of the inclusive definition is the fact that a ... But these trapezoids do not always just have one pair of opposite ...


In a trapezoid, the midline is parallel to the bases and its length is half their sum. .... Indeed, implies meaning that is the midpoint of is similarly shown to be the ...


Trapezoid definition: a quadrilateral having neither pair of sides parallel | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Figure D is a trapezium (also called a trapeze or trapezoid). ... area, which he does not define, but clearly means quadrilateral with parallel opposite sides.


Big Ideas: Trapezoids can be decomposed into rectangles and triangles. The area of a trapezoid can be solved for by finding the areas of the rectangles and ...


(geometry, Britain, Australia, New Zealand) A convex quadrilateral with no sides parallel and no equal sides. (anatomy) The trapezoid bone of the wrist.