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Accurate note-taking and proper documentation will close more cases than the most insightful detective ever will. I. First Officer at Scene—Duties and Responsibilities. The actions taken by the initial responding officer will greatly affect the success or fail- ure of the homicide investigation. The officer must arrive at the scene ...


As of Jan 2018, the average pay for a Homicide Detective is $61272 annually or $27.32 /hr.

May 22, 2009 ... A homicide detective usually has a large amount of experience in control work, as well as experience in conjunction with investigative work. Discover how investigators can make the jump to being a homicide detective with help from a police officer in this free video on police jobs and law enforcement.


Sep 26, 2017 ... In most police departments, officer salaries are paid on the basis of rank and seniority. Because of this, special assignment detectives such as those working in Miami's homicide department earn the same salaries as those of a similar rank and time in the force in another department. Usually holding the ...


Apr 18, 2013 ... A homicide detective and a crime scene investigator are often thought of as one profession. The media, TV, and movies often portray a crime scene where a detective takes a pen out of his pocket and starts poking around the body. You'll see them lifting a piece of key evidence while there are some other ...


Police officers protect lives and property. Detectives and criminal investigators, who are sometimes called agents or special agents, gather facts and collect evidence of possible crimes.


Nov 16, 2017 ... BALTIMORE -- A 43-year-old Baltimore Police detective has died after being shot in the head in west Baltimore Wednesday night. CBS Baltimore writes that Detective Sean Suiter, a former Navy officer, was pronounced dead at noon Thursday, according to doctors. They spoke at a press conference along ...


Dec 23, 2013 ... I work with some highly recognized homicide detectives who have provided tips that could help detectives and patrol officers alike. The following bits of wisdom apply to all investigations, regardless of the nature of the crime or who is investigating.


Nov 29, 2017 ... (BALTIMORE) — The death of a Baltimore homicide detective shot in the head with his own gun two weeks ago has transformed into a feeding frenzy of speculation in a city filled with armchair sleuths and deeply suspicious views of law enforcers. The unsolved Nov. 15 shooting of Detective Sean Suiter is ...