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Jan 11, 2011 ... Materials scientists in California have made a special metallic glass with a strength and toughness greater than any known material, using a ...


Jan 14, 2015 ... The Magical Bulletproof Material That Made Iron Man Give Up Iron. Marvel ... What exactly is graphene and why is it so strong? Graphene is ...


Sep 19, 2011 ... substances can produce some of the hardest-known metals. ... The hardest metals are still somewhat soft in comparison to the strongest


Jul 29, 2015 ... This property would make it a strong candidate for replicating the fictional metal adamantium used to make Wolverine's claws in X-Men, ...


Feb 12, 2013 ... Graphene is strong, lightweight, conducts electricity and resists rust. ... water and slows down the electrochemical reactions that oxidize iron.


Feb 5, 2015 ... Researchers in South Korea have created an alloy that's as strong as titanium, lighter than ordinary steel, and cheap to boot.


Jun 20, 2014 ... Determining the world's strongest naturally occurring material depends on what the material is used for. The American Iron and Steel Institute ...


The strongest pure metal is probably iron. The strongest alloy is very open to debate due to how many different roles an alloy can take on.


Jan 16, 2011 ... PASADENA (CBS) — Caltech researchers say they've developed a new metal alloy that is stronger than any other metal known to science.