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Species dysphoria is the experience of dysphoria, sometimes including clinical lycanthropy and ... Outside of psychological literature, the term is common within the otherkin and therian communities. The phenomenon is ... and 41% answered "yes" to the question "If you could become 0% human, would you?" Questions that ...


Sep 6, 2012 ... A fictive is like an otherkin where the true, internal identity is a fictional ... a kind of mystical or poetic connection — this new set of otherkin (or those .... Rather, I think I am a fictive who's lived multiple lives, and certain things ...


Am I otherkin? Being otherkin is ... What is "otherkin"? Otherkin is ... Are there any requirements to being otherkin? No. ... How do I tell other people I'm otherkin?


1.3.1 - I'm not an Otherkin, so why should I believe you? ... is a range of experiences, not only one type of experience, and every person's experiences differ.


Dec 20, 2015 ... I am doing a paper on otherkin, and I'd really appreciate it if you could ... help figure out what type of kin you are but what should I journal about.


Feb 21, 2016 ... So- therianthrophy (the condition of being a therian), as far as I am ... It's modern animal (though I do know of a therian who's 'type is a ...


Jul 19, 2010 ... I did this quiz over a year ago (on my other blog) and only this morning somebody left a stupid comment on it, which I decided to "trash" rather ...


OCkins are very common and it is 100% valid to be this type of kin! I think I'm otherkin, am I? Chances are if you think you are, you are. Am I invalid because I ...


There are a couple of types of kin, and I will go into each kind here in the preface ... I am leanan Sidhe so I think I know my own race and can speak for them!