A wafer, also called a slice or substrate, is a thin slice of semiconductor material, such as a crystalline silicon, used in .... A unit wafer fabrication step, such as an etch step, can produce more chips ... Note that gross DPW formulas account only for wafer area that is lost because it cannot be used to make physically complete  ...


What kind of wafers are used at Intel to make computer chips depends on current technology and the type of chips being produced. Normally wafer types are ...


Silicon, is the most abundant element on earth except for oxygen, and is used in chip manufacturing because it is a natural semiconductor.


Explore how Intel drives digital innovation with the world's most advanced manufacturing and learn about what goes into making silicon chips.


Computer Scavenger Hunt by Cindy O'Hora Searching this computer hunt could make you ... What kind of wafers are used at Intel to make computer chips?


Apr 15, 2017 ... Below is an overview of how an Intel desktop processor is made, using images ... The process of creating a computer chip begins with a type of sand called ... and must be pure before it can be used in the manufacturing process. ... The silicon wafers are then refined and polished in order to provide the best ...

Nov 6, 2009 ... For more about process Intel employs in building the chips that power many of. ... From Sand to Silicon: the Making of a Chip | Intel ... For more about process Intel employs in building the chips that power many of the world's computers, visit .... Silicon Manufacturing & The Perfect Wafer | Inside the Fab | Intel ...


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Mar 5, 2008 ... This shows how computer chips are made from silicon crystal, to wafer to chips. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35jWSQXku74 ... There used .