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Jump to: navigation, search. Ghost detainee is a term used in the executive branch of the United States government to .... He said the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had captured about 100 persons on ... This collection consists of documents concerning individuals apprehended after September 11, 2001 and held by ...


Majid Shoukat Khan (born 28 February 1980) is the only known legal resident of the United States who is held in the Guantanamo Bay detainment camps. He was detained after returning to his native Pakistan to visit his wife and was captured by ..... I've been waiting a long time to meet you. It's good to see you. ..... Search ...


Standards: Search and restrain the detainee sequentially according to the performance step s, locate and confiscate all weapons, contraband and items of intelligence ... (DD) Form 2745 (Enemy Prisoner of War [EPW] Capture Tag), and materials .... Note: Due to the limited space on the DD Form 2745, you may need or be ...


Standards: Maintain accountability and control of the detainees. Ensure ... Ensure that you understand mutually-supported sectors of fire, ... (2) Do not place items in his mouth, hood him, or use tape or other adhesives. ... Follow the ROE/rules for the use of force (normally the following). ... 191-377-4254 - Search a Detainee .


The capturing unit is usually responsible for delivering the detainees to the collecting .... MP confiscate the following items when searching a captive: ... They ensure that a receipt is obtained for any items you release to any other MP or agency.


Terminal Learning Objective Action: Search a Detainee Conditions: Given a ... with the search Standards: Search a Detainee, locate and confiscate all items, ... Monitor and Control Emotions Search Resources Special Attention Point of Capture .... Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection By the end of this chapter you.


The act of capturing a detainee is only the first step in a lengthy and highly sensitive process. I-3. Detainee is a ... Ensure that a receipt is obtained for any items you release to anyone. ... Captives may keep the following items found in a search:.


6-68. Enemy prisoners of war (EPW) and captured enemy equipment or materiel often ... Detainee handling is a resource intensive and politically sensitive operation that ... Search: Confiscate weapons and items of intelligence value or items that might assist the detainee to escape. .... Still not finding what you're looking for?


This lesson describes detainees captured or detained by the US Armed ... defined in the following paragraphs encompass all captured personnel and are classified as follows: a. ...... During your search, you discover items and property on the.