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Feb 9, 2016 ... A fart, also called gas, “passing wind” or flatulence, is caused by the internal buildup of gases that are formed during the process of digestion ...


Mar 29, 2014 ... I have no idea what causes this problem or what cures it. ..... I went back to her after a month telling her this smelly gas diarrhea constipation ...


Aug 30, 2017 ... Excessive flatulence (gas) can be caused by swallowing excess air, certain foods and drinks, medication, and medical conditions.


Dec 1, 2015 ... Gas can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but WebMD shows you how a change ... But did you know that most carbohydrates cause gas?


Apr 1, 2014 ... The foul smelling odor actually comes from a combination of sulfur ... It's a result of the gas passing through the rectum, causing vibrations in the ...


WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms Foul smelling stools and Increased passing gas and ...


Apr 14, 2016 ... Foul-smelling stools have an unusually strong, putrid smell. In many cases, foul- smelling stools occur due to the foods people eat and the ...


Sep 22, 2005 ... Intestinal gas: Symptom — Overview covers definition, medical causes ... Excessive intestinal gas — belching or flatulence more than 20 times ...


Apr 6, 2017 ... Flatulence is passing gas from the digestive system out of the back passage. Learn about its causes and treatments.