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Mar 26, 2012 ... She does look like a pregnant molly does except it's really early in the pregnancy. i don't know how long she's been pregnant, but the gestation period is around ...

Sep 12, 2012 ... This is my Silver Molly JUST starting labor. ... female to get pregnant but my male dosent like her they always fight and I know which are .... She looks very prego. Shes been eating a bit but not extremely. Idk wut to do anymore.
Feb 17, 2017 ... how to tell if a black molly fish is pregnant and when it will give birth .... her :( how do you fix bloat? shes been like this for over 8 weeks or lower.


Mar 27, 2017 ... Hello allI am new to this forum, and it looks very helpful. ... I am wondering if she is pregnant, or bloated like the other silver molly. ... If you have more questions about the molly or your other mollies please just post them here and I'll do my best ...


Molly Fish Breeding : These are livebearers so it is fairly easy. Adding a little aquarium salt will help. Do you have a pregnant molly fish? Read the breeding ...


To do this we watch closely for the pregnant Molly female to get super close to .... Now her belly is huge and you can see what looks like eggs or the baby's sacs ...


Notice that the anal fin looks very different in the male than in the females. ... Because mollies like salt in their water don't keep them with other species ... Whatever you do, don't use iodized salt in your tank or it will kill your fish! .... They are plastic containers that you put the pregnant female molly in (or any livebearing fish).


Jun 21, 2014 ... But like many other large fish in the hobby, the fish will do much better over the long run if ...... I've got a balloon molly but she looks pregnant.


My molly fish is clearly pregnant and for the past few days has been hanging out at ..... That's the correct thing to do with mollies: molly mothers do not like being inside .... <<Silly answer but, when you see them, you'll know what they look like.