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A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or .... However, CAPTCHAs do not have to be visual. Any hard artificial ...


CAPTCHA: Telling Humans and Computers Apart Automatically .... before a porn image, they risk losing a customer to another site that doesn't do this.


Aug 23, 2016 ... We've all filled a CAPTCHA box, but did you know what you were ... Yes, those annoying CAPTCHAs are actually being used to help digitalise ...


(You've wondered about CAPTCHAs, but you probably have also been curious what the i in “iPhone” stands for. The complex and interesting answer lies here.).


Find out what is the full meaning of CAPTCHA on Abbreviations.com! 'Completely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart' is one ...


Sep 19, 2017 ... What Does CAPTCHA Stand For? CAPTCHA is an acronym from Carnegie Mellon University. It stands for "Completely Automated Public ...


This sort of test is a CAPTCHA, an acronym that stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. They're also known ...


Jul 3, 2015 ... Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of “CAPTCHA”?


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