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What is Addiction?
Addiction is a chronic, compulsive dependence on either a behavior or a substance. While commonly associated with drug and alcohol abuse, addiction can also refer to dependence on things like sex, food, gambling, coffee, smoking, shopping, or even behaviors.
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Addiction is a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, ... An important distinction between drug addiction and dependence is that ... Moreover, reward cross-sensitization between amphetamine and sexual .... (via pharmacological means) reduces, or with a large increase can even block, ...


Cross-addiction and cross-dependence are synonymous terms used to describe a condition in which an individual is addicted to more than one substance.


Drugs can be grouped into different classes according to theireffect on the central nervous system (your brain and itsconnections to the various.


Dec 11, 2009 ... Cross addiction and cross dependence are the same thing, really. “Cross dependence” is just a way of saying it that makes it sound less ...


Cross dependency is an associated issue that some addicts may experience ... of using caffeine that are significantly less than those who do not also smoke ...


Cross addiction is being addicted to more then one chemical drugs/alchol and dependent on more then one person place or thing try www.recovery .com good  ...


Dec 13, 2012 ... In the simplest terms, cross addiction means you've traded one ... However, if any of the above do apply, then you need to consider the ...


Cross addiction is the myth that if you are addicted to one drug then you are ... If you have ever been through a twelve step chemical dependency treatment program ... Cross-tolerance means that when you develop a tolerance to a drug you will ... like heroin does not have cross tolerance with a benzodiazepine like Valium.


There is a phenomena known as cross-addiction. What that means is if an individual becomes alcohol and/or drug dependent on one mood altering substance, ...