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The three sections of “An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge” are out of the order in which they happen. In the third section of the story Peyton Farquahar first ...


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The third part of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is told in third person omniscient. The author .... What does Farquhar imagine in the story's last section ? He.


In section I, Peyton Farquhar is standing on a railroad bridge, twenty feet ... He is afraid he will be shot by Northern soldiers as soon as he is spotted in the water.


The story's structure, which moves from the present to the past to what is revealed to be ... Poised on the edge of the bridge, Farquhar closes his eyes, a signal of his slipping into his ... Attempting to bend time to his own will is for naught. ... friend from foe as well as the clouded sense of reality in the final section of the story.


Prev Section Next Section. > ... Farquhar's Wife - A dutiful woman who serves as an emblem of the comfort and domestic security Farquhar seeks. ... between fiction and reality that serves as one of the story's main preoccupations. ... houses unexpectedly and I had no time whatsoever to sit down at a computer and do work.


Bierce wrote his stories of the Civil War a few decades after the conflict ended, so he was writing about a historical era that ... Does Farquhar imagine his entire.


... thinking to imagine all the possibilities of a situation through a daydream—a ... Frame stories are a story-within-a-story device used in writing and are similar to this. ... The final section contains the frame story which, as you should recall, is a ... He also informs Farquhar that anyone caught tampering with the railroad will be ...


Still, he does his part to support the cause. Prior to his predicament (a nice word for being in a sticky situation) on the bridge, Farquhar sits with his wife near the ...