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Feb 14, 2012 ... Does agreeing to be someone's Valentine serve as a stepping-stone into a relationship? Negative, says Carlos Ganz, a sophomore at Bellevue ...


What you call the boy/girl your temporarily "dating" for Valentine's Day. ... Top definition. valentine ... Someone who likes you no matter how silly or weird you are.


When you are considered someone's valentine, not only is there a great chance that you will receive some token of love from your mate or friend, it may also be ...


Being someone's Valentine involves spoiling the person with romantic gestures for the day and being on the receiving end of the person's romantic gestures in ...


Being Someone's Valentine (Even if it's Your Own) ... that there's something wrong with being single (which it does the rest of the year), ... make your partner feel loved and appreciated—even if those things don't mean the same thing to you.


for making memorable , special bond and caring with emotions.


It is well known that Valentine was a saint and we celebrate valentines day on the basis of his ... What does it mean to be someone's valentine? What is your plan ...


Feb 13, 2011 ... Since Valentine is a name, the question is not what it means, but to whom does it refer, and what did Mr. Valentine do to deserve for you to ask ...


Jan 25, 2007 ... And does Valentine's Day represent what true love is all about? ... adoption of pagan holidays was God's true Holy Days and what they mean.