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My daughter wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy tonight asking her what she did with all of the teeth she collected. What should the Tooth Fairy tell ...

Aug 31, 2013 ... The Tooth Fairy is much more creative than that! Denise Barry has searched everywhere for what the Tooth Fairy might do with our teeth; in the ...


Dec 2, 2013 ... The tooth fairy is all about helping people and their teeth! ... She plants them in their gums and then they “teethe” and grow those teeth in.


A tooth fairy letter can help children answer questions about their teeth as well as encourage kids to take ... What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With All the Teeth?


Feb 12, 2013 ... The Tooth Fairy File is a “mockumentary” aimed at parents and caregivers ... children to explain to believers what actually happens to all the teeth.


How does she know a child has lost a tooth, and how does she get into the house ? What does she do with all those teeth she picks up? Where did these rituals ...


Feb 6, 2010 ... Dear Doctor asked kindergarten and first graders what happens to their teeth after the tooth fairy takes them.


Free Letter from Tooth Fairy, tooth fairies certificates, Online's Original and Only Official Tooth Fairy. ... Where do you get all your money to trade for the teeth? .... This makes me sad, but I hope that someday when those children have children of their own, ... Sounds scary to me, but it certainly does work, and it works FAST!


Jun 24, 2015 ... What happens to all those teeth? The Tooth Fairy's elf friends make pretty jewelry out of them, and fairies from near and far travel to the palace to buy them. The Tooth Fairy ... How much does the Tooth Fairy spend? The Tooth ...