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Wet-tail or proliferative ileitis, is a disease of hamsters. It is precipitated by stress. Even with ... The sick animal should be kept in a cage by itself so that others do not catch the disease—wet tail can be very contagious so sanitize all objects the  ...


Wet tail, or Proliferative Ileitis, is one of the most serious intestinal diseases that affect hamsters. Named for the wet, dirty tails that accompany the disease, wet ...


Sep 19, 2017 ... Small mammals like hamsters have a large ratio of surface area to volume. ... Look for dehydration (lifting his scruff and watching it fall back down), lack of ... Dwarf hamsters can get severe diarrhea, but they do not get wet tail.


Oct 22, 2016 ... What to do if you think your pet has wet tail. ... Wet tail is caused by a bacterial overgrowth in the stomach, just like a stomach bug in humans.

Aug 29, 2009 ... This video contains the early and late symtoms of wet tail that the Hamsteriffic ... belly and only one of his eyes are like black underneath it ,it kinda looks swollen ... Dri tail does not cure wet tail, it only covers up the symptoms.
Sep 17, 2016 ... Wet tail is a serious disease that effects young Syrian hamsters. ... works those are the only things I see, does my new hamster have wet tail?.


In this article, we look at what causes wet tail, the symptoms of wet tail and how to treat it. ... Do not wash the hamster in a bath. ... And do they like swimming?


A hamster suffering from wet tail will pass the condition on to any other hamsters ... signs of having the condition so the other pet hamster does not catch wet tail too. ... The first sign you'll normally notice is when a pet hamster starts to look a little ... Vets normally like to give hamsters an antibiotic which could be neomycin.


Hamster wet tail doesn't sound all that terrifying, but the bacterial infection can ... Stressful conditions, like excessive handling or unfavorable living conditions, can ... Wet tail is easily transmitted between hamsters, so it is wise to look into the pet ... Dwarf hamsters do not get wet tail while teddy hamsters, known for their tail ...