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If someone toot their own horn, they like to boast about their achievements. Category: Music. Idioms similar to 'Toot your own horn'. Blow your own horn.


Definition of toot own horn in the Idioms Dictionary. toot own horn phrase. What does toot own horn expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom ...


Definition of toot your own horn in the Idioms Dictionary. toot your own horn phrase. What does toot your own horn expression mean? Definitions by the largest ...


English[edit]. Alternative forms[edit]. blow one's own horn. Verb[edit]. toot one's own horn. (idiomatic) To promote oneself; to boast or brag; to tout oneself.


Idiom Definition - to toot your own horn - to brag or boast about your accomplishments or ... "Not to toot my own horn but I sure did a good job in here."  ...


Feb 28, 2014 ... It's usually shortened to just "Toot your own horn. ... No matter the musical instrument, its meaning is to "praise yourself; others may never do it.


May 10, 2012 ... It means praising or sticking up for yourself, and can have either positive ... In addition to blow/toot your own horn/trumpet, there's also the idiom ...


Blow one's own horn definition, one of the bony, permanent, hollow paired growths, often curved and pointed, that project from the ... Amazing Words Missing From Your Vocab .... blow /toot one's own horn, Informal. to publicize or boast about one's abilities or achievements: ..... The American HeritageĀ® Idioms Dictionary


An idiom is a word, group of words or phrase that has a figurative meaning that ... The phrases to blow your own trumpet and to toot your own horn mean to brag ...