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This is a list of Alaska mammals. It includes all mammals currently found in Alaska, whether ... Shrews live throughout the state, even on isolated islands, in habitats from ... They generally eat insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates, though ..... Long-tailed voles may be found throughout Southeast Alaska, the Yakutat ...


The Aleutian Islands are the group of small islands that form the long tail of Alaska. They are the reason that Alaska is considered the state farthest to the east of ...


The Aleutian Islands, including Attu and Kiska, which were once captured by the Japanese during World War II.


Aleutian Islands: Chain of small islands that separate the Bering Sea (north) from the ... The Aleutian Islands form a segment of the circum-Pacific chain of volcanoes .... Uninhabited group of the Aleutian Islands, southwestern Alaska, U.S. They ...


smaller than a continent and is completely surrounded by water. ... What is the capital of Alaska, the only state .... What group of small islands forms the long tail.


have radiated into large groups ... males are smaller than females; female plastron convex, male's concave ... only by Sphenodon punctatus and S. guentheri on small islands off the coast of ... ~74 species of lizards, 91 snakes in US, none in Alaska ... have a distinct head, trunk, long tail; four toes of front feet, five on hind feet


The Sitka black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus sitkensis) is smaller, stockier, and has a shorter face than other members of the black-tailed group ... The average life-span of a Sitka black-tail is about 10 years, but some live as long as 15 years. ... near Yakutat, in Prince William Sound, and on Kodiak and Afognak Islands.


Here are some key terms that will help you speak Alaskan on your vacation. ... Each year, part of the earnings are distributed to residents in the form of a “PFD ... Aleut – A small Native group residing in Southwest Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. ... state that sometimes comes about in response to Alaska's long, dark winters ...


known in Alaska east of 180” occur regularly on passage in this area in small numbers, some ... U.S.S.R. An annotated list of 147 taxa discusses all forms recorded. The Near ... Shemya is the easternmost of the group ...... wings and buzzy direct flight, and prominent long rounded brown tail with white corners and black sub-.