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A book series is a sequence of books having certain characteristics in common that are formally identified together as a group. Book series can be organized in different ways, such as written by the same author, or marketed as a group by their publisher. ... (in successive parts) once a year, or less often, are also called a series.


A tetralogy is a compound work that is made up of four distinct works. The name comes from the Attic theater, in which a tetralogy was a group of ... As an alternative to "tetralogy", "quartet" is sometimes used, particularly for series of four books.


A book is a series of pages assembled for easy portability and reading, as well as the ... The contents of books are also called books, as are other compositions of that ..... Albums are books for holding a group of items belonging to a particular ...


May 2, 2014 ... If you mean a group of books that follow on each other, either telling ... that if there are exactly three books in such a series, it is called a "trilogy", ...


The commonest answer suggested is “a library of books” but that is misleading because a collection of books may be scattered on the floor (like in my office,...


For example, a group of ships is called a fleet, a group of cows is called a herd, a groupd of lions is called a pride, a group ... bunch of grapes ... library of books


Check out this list of collective nouns for Books. ... Wikipedia. books. "Library of Books". "Pile of Books". "Shelf of Books" ... What is a group of Peacocks called?


Apr 17, 2009 ... trilogy vs a group of two, four, ... books, movies, etc .... After that the quadris and pentas all get a bit difficult, so it's usually just called a saga.


A big group of books is called a library. I call a group of books a group of books. Edit. Share to: ... What is a group of four books called? a series. Edit. Share to: ...