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For inverse relationships in statistics, see negative relationship. In mathematics, the inverse relation of a binary relation is the relation that occurs when the ...


Definition of inverse relationship: A relationship between two numbers in which an increase in the value of one number results in a decrease in the...


Definition of inverse relationship: A type of correlation that exists between two different numbers. In this case, when one number has a value that rises, then the  ...


A contrary relationship between two variables such that they move in opposite directions. In an inverse correlation with variables A and B, as A increases, ...


Direct variation describes a simple relationship between two variables. We say y varies directly with x (or as x, in some textbooks) if:


An inverse relationship is identified between two variables, which are interrelated but the change of one causes the opposite change to the other.


This page contains a short article on direct and inverse relationships.

May 21, 2015 ... What Does an Inverse Relationship Mean in Math?. Part of the series: Math 101. In mathematical terminology, an "inverse relationship" is ...


Apr 21, 2015 ... Explore how we tell when two variables are in quadratic or inverse relationships in this lesson. Once you understand the basics, we'll go over a.