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Chris Brown
Chris Brown was only 16 years old when he hit the top of the charts with his pop-flavored R&B single "Run It." Brown's fresh-faced good looks and sweet songs of young love made him a teen heartthrob, with music critics comparing him to Michael Jackson and Usher. Brown grew up in a small town northwest of Richmond, Virginia, where he started planning a singing career in his early teens. He had a record deal with Jive Records by 2004, along with a crew of experienced producers assigned to mold More »
Born: May 5, 1989 (Tappahannock, Virginia)


Chris Brown Favorite Food Car Color Hobbies Bio The American actor, dancer and recording artist, Chris Brown was born on May 5, 1989 to Joyce Hawkins and  ...


What is Chris Brown's Favorite color(s)?. Choose the right answer: Option A, Purple & Green. Option B, Yellow & Red. Option C, Orange & Blue. Option D, Brown ...


Chris Brown's Favourite Things Quiz. This quiz is fun and ... What are Chris's favorite places ? Miami, Atlanta, Los ... What is Chris's favorite food ? Cheesecake


There are many people who claim to be fans and even love chris brown, but few are true chris brown fans. ... In 2007, Chris won the Kid's Choice Award for Favorite male singer and a Grammy for best new artist. ... What is his favorite food .


But you can take my quiz to see if maybe Chris brown would go out with you. Like their is a chance ... Male. Female. 3. What is Chris brown's favorite color? blue.


Aug 29, 2016 ... Kane Brown Answers 12 Off-the-Wall Questions ... What's your favorite word? KB: I say “gewd” a lot. ... KB: “Getting You Home” by Chris Young.


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If u r a real Chris Brown Fan, u should Know this 1) What is Chris Brown's full name? 2) Where is he ... 8) What is his favorite color? Good Luck ...

Aug 1, 2017 ... favorite things of Chris brown favorite food of Chris brown favorite color of Chris brown Favorite show of Chris brown.