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Many dentists and staff have questions regarding bill-ing practices and insurance . While individual insurance carriers may have many requirements for paying ...


Dec 19, 2013 ... Like all health-care practitioners, dentists are now being watched ever more closely by government agencies, insurance companies, and other ...


Health care fraud can directly affect your benefits by increasing the cost of your dental plan and jeopardizing your employer's ability to offer those benefits.


Your dental premiums may rise. Fraudulent claims against your policy could force your insurance premiums higher. That's more money out of your pocket.


Only a small percentage of providers or consumers commit healthcare fraud, but that small percentage can have a big impact. Consider this: the U.S. spends ...


Dear Dianne, As a dental hygienist for nearly 30 years, I would like to address how much dental insurance companies are being overcharged.


Fraud is a crime of intentional deception or misrepresentation in which an individual or entity deceives an insurance company, usually to gain reimbursement or ...


about fraud and embezzlement issues that may arise in dental offices. The publication is ...... Following is a real-life example of dental insurance fraud: 15– month ...


Assurant Employee Benefits has provided an electronic mailbox to which either grievances or matters of suspected dental fraud and abuse can be forwarded.