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The United States pro-choice movement is a sociopolitical movement in the United States supporting the view that a woman should have the legal right to an  ...


Define pro-choice: favoring the legalization of abortion.


Being pro-choice doesn't necessarily mean that you are pro-abortion, or that, if faced with an unintended pregnancy, you would have an abortion. Simply put ...


There is a differance between pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life people want to stop abortion because they think it is wrong. Pro-choice people may think abortion ...


Pro-Choice is not just about reproduction but the freedom to decide your life course with the support and respect of others. It represents power and pride in self.


Apr 26, 2011 ... "Pro-choice" is a political worldview in which women are equal actors and ... Being pro-choice means understanding abortion as a moral choice ...


pro-choice definition, meaning, what is pro-choice: supporting the belief that a pregnant woman should have the freedom to choose an abortion…. Learn more.


Pro-choice definition, supporting or advocating legalized abortion. See more.


Define pro-choice. pro-choice synonyms, pro-choice pronunciation, pro-choice translation, English dictionary definition of pro-choice. adj. Favoring legalized ...