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Naader Reda and Von Mohd ate a large bag of Cheetos Flamin' Hot and a large bag of Takis in seven minutes, 51.00 seconds. NOTE: Speed eating can be ...


Dec 10, 2014 ... Naader Reda and Von Mohd ate a large bag of Cheetos Flamin' Hot and a large bag of Takis in seven minutes, 51.00 seconds. NOTE: Speed ... Tags: fastest, people, food, eating, speed eating, Cheetos, Takis ... 07:51.0 min/sec WORLD RECORD Challenge It! ... Most Potato Latkes Eaten In 8 Minutes ...

Jun 12, 2016 ... me eating a bag of takis. ... Show more. Show less ... Fastest Time To Eat A Hot Dog With No Hands (Guinness World Records) - Duration: 9:39.
Mar 21, 2009 ... Purchase your Takis: http://amzn.to/2nQsykx Bryan Mena eating Takis as fast as he possibly can. he had 2 minutes to eat a bag of 4 oz takis fuego. if he did . ... Furious World Tour | Biggest, Best and Most Famous Eats in NYC, ...
May 5, 2017 ... This is part of a speed eating competition. ... World record. I eat an entire bag of chips in 4 minutes! The Cat Man. Loading. ... Show more
Jan 28, 2017 ... THE BIGGEST TAKIS IN THE WORLD!!! (BREAKING THE .... And that doesn't look like a giant taki its more of a giant red burrito. Read more.
Nov 7, 2014 ... Show more ... I wish I can make challenges like these I'll eat millions of takis bags and not feel a ... Takis & Hot Cheetos aren't hot, I just drink water because I have to drink something when I eat. .... Biggest Chips In The World!
Jan 20, 2017 ... Eating in Class (Caught by Teacher) - Duration: 3:07. PrankTeam L&N 4,999 views · 3:07. Eating 25 Big Macs in One Sitting (World Record) ...
Jun 30, 2014 ... Turbos Flamas 1 Minute Challenge World Record (30) ... Show more ... 1 at a time? i grown up now and i can eat the whole bag :D .... Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Xtra Hot Takis Challenge *SOLO* | FreakEating vs the World 85 ...