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"A curious mind and an interest in our physical world are two requirements for those thinking about a career in geography. If you think you've got what it takes, now is the time to find a geography degree program. Get started by finding a program nea..."


Geography[edit]. Beach ridge, a high, steep bank, as by a river or the sea, or beside a ravine or plain; a cliff with a broad face.


Feb 9, 2016 ... A bluff is a type of broad, rounded cliff. ... University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Geography: Bluff Erosion Visualization. Worksheets & ...


A river, ocean or other body of water can create a bluff when waves erode the river bank or shoreline.This often happens at the bend of a river where water is ...


Jun 17, 2012 ... BluffsDefinition: A bluff is a steepbank or cliff that isformed by rivererosion on theoutside of ameander. Gualala river bluffs.


bluff in the Geography topic by Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE | What you need to know about Geography: words, phrases and ...


bluff. (blʌf). n. 1. (Physical Geography) a steep promontory, bank, or cliff, esp one formed by river erosion on the outside bend of a meander. 2. Canadian a ...


The edge of a flood plain is quite often clearly marked by a clear slope known as a bluff line. ... A-level » Geography » River Processes and Management.


The Cycle of Bluff Erosion ... Mark Harrower (PI, Dept. of Geography) ... This office is your source for mapping, Geographical Information System (GIS) data sets,.


Scotts Bluff National Monument ... Indeed, the steep cliffs of the hills are bluffs, but in geographical terms, the bluffs are only a part of much larger formations.