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Pet Rock is a collectible conceived in 1975 by advertising executive Gary Dahl ( entrepreneur) Pet Rocks are smooth stones from Mexico's Rosarito Beach.


As a professional name giver for several websites, naming your rock .... How can it be that nobody has questioned the notion of a pet rock?


I suppose if I were to name a "rock" I'd call it Stoner (character in a book I once read...she .... Owning a pet rock and all. .... Seems like a good pet-rock name.


Name it after a mineral Olive (Olivine) (green) Amethyst (purple) Amber (yellow) Aquamarine (greenish, technically beryl) Azurite (Blue) Cinnabar (pink/red) ...


A pet rock must have a cool name, otherwise it might drop itself on your head. So name it something good,like rocky, rock star, rock and roll or any other name ...


How do you properly care for a silent, stone-faced pet rock? You never know ... You could give your rock simple names like Rocky, or settle with an exotic name, like Star. Make sure it suits ... This is a good idea for if your rock gets a bit rough.


Feb 12, 2013 ... Naming your new pet is an important first step in establishing a long, loving relationship. Here is a list of popular names for dogs and cats inspired by music. ... Rock Rocket Man (Elton John song) Rod (Rod Stewart) ... This is a very good article that tells you what to expect and how to help your new petPet ...


The significance of the cute pet rock names for lovers can't be ignored because they provide a long lasting build up for the relationship. Therefore, it's a good ...


Browse through lists of possible names for pairs of pets. You might just find the ... Separately your pets are incomplete, but together they rock! Choose names to ...