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The Moon is an astronomical body that orbits planet Earth, being Earth's only permanent ..... Earth and the Moon are nevertheless still considered a planet– satellite system, rather than a double planet, because their barycentre, the common ...


Aug 27, 2013 ... This makes the motion of the Earth-Moon system as it orbits the sun something like a ... So...why isn't the Moon considered to be a planet?


Jul 10, 2009 ... Lunar scientist Barbara Cohen explains how our moon functions very much like a planet. You've all probably heard about the International ...


Jan 27, 2015 ... What makes a planet a planet? The Moon is so big compared to the Earth — roughly one-quarter our planet's size — that occasionally you will ...


The Moon is a moon, not a star. It's quite simple: moons orbit plants and planets orbit stars. The Moon orbits the planet Earth, so it's a moon. The Earth orbits the ...


Jul 14, 2017 ... Earth's Moon is just one of hundreds of moons in the solar system. ... of material that make up the rings of the outer planets considered moons?


Oct 1, 2014 ... Taking a look at why Earth's moon is not classed as a planet. ... does not have enough similarities with the Earth to be considered a planet.


Jan 17, 2015 ... I'm not a big fan of definitions in astronomy. I've been pretty clear about this in the past; Nature is way less anal about boundary lines than ...


Nov 13, 2015 ... When is the moon not a moon? If a new proposal for defining planethood is adopted, the moon could be considered a planet in its own right.