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The Liturgy of the Hours (Latin: Liturgia Horarum) or Divine Office (Latin: Officium Divinum) or ... Other names for the Liturgy of the Hours within the Latin liturgical rites ... Vespers or Evening Prayer — major hour; Compline or Night Prayer ... of Mary (Magnificat) for evening prayer; intercessions, composed by the Church; the  ...


Evening Prayer is a liturgy in use in the Anglican tradition celebrated in the late afternoon or evening. It is also commonly known as Evensong, especially when the office is rendered chorally, that is, when most of the service is sung. It is roughly the equivalent of Vespers in the Roman Catholic Church and the .... The first of these may be called the Office Hymn, and will usually be ...


Vespers, also called Evening Prayer, is part of the Liturgy of the Hours, also known as the Divine Office. In the Liturgy of the Hours, the Church fulfills Jesus' ...


Vespers. Roman Catholic Answer Currently the Evening Prayer of the Church is called Evening prayeri by the Church and in the English translation of.


In the Roman Catholic Church priests are required by canon law to pray the entire ... Vespers or Evening Prayer, major hour; Compline or Night Prayer ... The reading is called a chapter (capitula) if it is short, or a lesson (lectio) if it is long.


We grew out of an RCIA Committee to become facilitators of thousands of people who pray together. We have dedicated more than 10 years in God's service to ...


That is, the teaching Church sets before us how we ought to pray. Drawing ... In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. .... Evening prayer.


May all those you have called to walk in the splendor of the new light render ... The following canticle is said with the Alleluia when Evening Prayer is sung; ... Christ our Savior, make your Church a more vivid symbol of the unity of all mankind,


We have come together in the name of Christ ... Prayers of Penitence are used when Evening Prayer is the principal service and may be used on other ...